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How can you sanitize your entire space in a short period of time? The Cart was designed for 1 or 2 people to be able to quickly sanitize large areas. You can cover 100,000 square feet in 45 minutes with 2 people.


Frequent sanitizing is the new normal. Our custom sanitation cart was specially designed for the challenges you face. Whether you need to do a mid-day disinfect shutdown, disinfect between groups of students or employees, or just continuously sanitize you need to be able to cover large areas very quickly. We’ve put everything you need to quickly and effectively sanitize your entire facility in one mobile unit.



• Easy to maneuver and use with heavy-duty locking casters
• Mobile sprayer
• Take all of your sanitizing solution and supplies with you throughout your facility
• 50’ sprayer hose
• Storage for up to 10 gallons of sanitizing solution
• Top storage for hose, wipes, and more
• Interior storage for additional chemicals and PPE like gloves and wipes
• Online owners manual with video tutorials in English and Spanish makes learning to use your Cart quick and easy

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 ■ If you need to cover a large area and you don't need 360º coverage

The Cart

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