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PURONE is an EPA List N cleaner and disinfectant. These effervescent tabs dissolve in regular tap water to produce Sporicidal Grade Disinfection in a safe & effective formula for workers and surfaces. The difference between PurTabs and PurONE is the soap element. This allows PurONE to penetrate biofilm(when bacteria join together on a surface in clumps and form a protective coating around themselves that make them resistant to disinfectants). This means that it cannot be used in an electrostatic or atomizing sprayer but it is great to use in a spray bottle. If you need an EPA List N disinfectant that penetrates grime or biofilm, this is the perfect solution.

PurONE Info:

  • SPORICIDAL kills C.diff in 4 minutes
  • DILUTION STABLE for 3 days in a closed container
  • NADCC tablet concentrate mixes with normal tap water to create HOCL
  • More accurate dilution than chemical dispensers
  • Broad-spectrum from food contact surface sanitizer to sporicidal
  • Neutral pH
  • PurONE Product Insert
  • Do NOT use with electrostatic or atomizing sprayers
  • UPC: 019962024191



  •  Box: 100 tablets PurOne 3.3g

    Case: 500 tablets PurOne 3.3g

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