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The science behind these tablets from Evaclean is incredible. PURTABS Disinfecting and Sanitizing Tablets dissolve in water to create up to 6 different solutions that range from killing C Diff in 4 minutes to NSF D2 Registered food contact surface sanitizing. What’s especially impressive to us is that the solution is also safe. There are no OSHA or NIOSH exposure concerns for your staff or your
members. Suffice it to say these tablets dissolve into a powerful and safe disinfectant that will allow you to completely sanitize your entire facility in a very short period of time. Use with our atomizing(link to The Cart) or electrostatic sprayers(link to electrostatic backpack) for best results.

○ Product Info Section:
■ 13.1 g tablets: 1 case of 512 tablets
■ 13.1g is the ideal size for preparing 1 gallon or more of solution at a time(if you don’t need that much solution, consider PurTabs 3.3g)
■ Mixed solution is stable for 3 days in a closed container
■ Active ingredient: 48.21% Sodium Dichloro-S-Triazinetrione
■ Coronavirus Kill Claims
■ PurTabs Technical Data
■ Usage Guide
■ Safety Data Sheet
■ No OSHA or NIOSH exposure concerns

UPC: 019962614446

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